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Case study:
The Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental is a hotel investment and management group, who owns luxury 5-star hotels, resorts and residences in many continents. Many of their hotels have become landmarks of the cities. They aim to provide the highest-quality services to every customer that they are going to meet.

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The issues

For Mandarin Oriental, it was not possible to continuously refresh the teams on brand standards relying on classroom training. They are not able to customize training on other e-learning platforms.

The solutions

We uploaded over 40 modules to the system. From the data, we can see that 72% of the users log in every day, even on weekends. There are 250 colleagues with over 2 million interactions per year. With this impressive engagement level, the colleague with the highest knowledge growth has improved 512% since studying on the app. The data shows that 5 minutes of app usage per day has led to a 70% knowledge increase on training materials. Through using ATIOM, Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou achieved their highest LQA Audit score ever.