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Case study:
The Westin

Westin Hotel & Resort is a premium hotel chain that offers amazing hotels and resort destination across the world. The Westin Nanjing is one of these places that provides great services and embraces the wellness program that Westin is promoting. Their high-quality services ensure that every customer will have the best experience during their stay at the Westin Nanjing.

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The issues

Westin Nanjing had challenges for upper management to track the real progress and gaps of team training. Employees were disengaged and it was difficult to understand why. This was impacting overall levels of guest satisfaction.

The solutions

Our product supports the process in a way that can be measured and can be used in the associated evaluation. We uploaded over 90 modules to the system. It helps in almost all areas of the hotel, and there are over 20 in-app touch points per user every day for a year. Due to the better engagement, up-sell is now at 1.7% of total revenue up from 0.5%. The hotel also went up from the 26th to the 1st spot in APAC for guest satisfaction.