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What best describes your use for Atiom?

I mainly use the Atiom mobile app for work.

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Where can I download the Atiom app?
You can find the links to download Atiom on your mobile device via our download page or search "Atiom" in your App Store or Google Play.

I downloaded the app. How do I log in?
To log in to the Atiom app, use the company code and password that your company has shared with you. If you have any problems logging in please contact your company's Atiom project manager - the colleague who manages your Atiom account.

I forgot my password. What should I do?
It's okay if you forget your password - we're human after all. On the Atiom app, click "Forgot your password?" at the bottom of the login page. If your company has entered your email address you'll be able to easily request a new password sent to your email. Otherwise, you'll need to complete your security verification which you had set up during your first login. If you are not able to verify your identity, contact your company's project manager to request they reset your password.

Can I share my username with my colleagues?
No, Atiom is built for individual users. As you go through user journeys, the content that is delivered to each person depends on their knowledge and progress.

Is there any limitation to learning daily on the app?
At Atiom, we emphasize frequency over volume. We believe learning should be continuous and encourage you to log in to our app for just 5 to 10 minutes every day to build a learning habit. Every day you will get a limited amount of study tokens; each one can be used towards one learning module.

I have used up my tokens, how do I get more?
You will get new tokens when you log in to Atiom the next day. If you are lucky, you can also win tokens by completing quests and staying active on the platform!

How do I change my daily goal?
You can only adjust your daily goal before a study token is used. If you have already used a token that day, you need to wait until the next day before changing the goal. For more information on how to change your daily goal, please visit the Help section on the app.

Why does the system say I answered a written question incorrectly when I know my answer was correct?
The accuracy of written answers is predetermined in the system by your company. If your written answer does not match one of the preset responses, this will show up as an incorrect answer. Atiom does not control the accuracy of your answers; if you'd like to suggest and add more answers, please contact your company's project manager.

I have some questions about how to use your features.
Simply log in to your mobile app and check out the Atiom Mobile Guide, or press "Help" to find the most commonly asked questions there.

I'd like to report technical difficulty with the app. What should I do?
If you are unable to log in to the app, please contact your company’s project manager. Otherwise, you can leave an issue report on our Technical Support Forum in the Atiom app. You can find the Technical Support Forum at the bottom of the Community Forum screen, or by pressing Help -> Contact Us -> Report a Bug. Please leave as many details about the issue as possible, and our support staff will reply to your post with suggestions as soon as they can.

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I manage content on the Atiom admin portal.

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How to log in to the admin portal
Data and Analytics
Content creation

How do I log in to the admin portal?
You can log in to the admin portal on our website by clicking "Login" on the main menu.

What are the different types of permissions that can be assigned to a manager?
Atiom has different management permissions in three main categories: User and Group Management, Content Management, and Analytics. These can all be managed on the admin portal.

After an employee leaves the company, how do we ensure that this person no longer has access to our information on Atiom?
We recommend you delete the account as soon as possible after an employee resigns. If an employee is going on extended leave, instead, you can choose to deactivate the account until the person returns. User management can be done on the admin portal. To delete or deactivate a user, you will first need to be given the access rights to manage users.

Can I set up the analytics for only certain managers to see?
Yes, you can assign managers to certain teams so that they have access to analytics only to the team assigned to them.

Can I download data reports?
You can download data from our in-app analytics tool or you can export via our admin portal. The data will be exported as a .csv file.

How can I see my team's activity, like if they've logged in every day?
You can see how much time they spend on the app and when their last login was in the Data section on the admin portal or you can use our in-app analytics tool.

What types of multimedia does Atiom support in learning modules?
Study cards support different formats: images (jpg, png), audio (mp3), documents (pdf or open with another app), and videos (mp4s are usually the best choice). We recommend saving any documents as PDFs so that they can be viewed in-app.

Does Atiom support SCORM?
Yes, you can easily upload SCORM content to the Atiom platform with our drag and drop, copy and paste tools. With Atiom we want to greatly simplify the content creation process. Our admin portal provides tools to create a more streamlined content experience.

What type of learning modules can I create on the Atiom admin portal?
There are three types of learning modules:

  1. Learning Journey Modules enables you to guide your team learning in a custom lesson format. enable you to guide your team through a custom lesson format that flows from start to finish. The module can be organized into chapters and users must view each piece of information or correctly answer each question before moving on to the next.
  2. Spaced Repetition Modules great for memorizing large amounts of information. With this module type, cards will be shown to users at increasingly spaced intervals based on a spatial memory algorithm that makes difficult-to-learn content appear more often than easy-to-learn content. You can decide how many times each piece of information should be reviewed before it is considered mastered.
  3. SCORM Modules allow for richer content types created by 3rd-party SCORM module creation tools, however, lack the simplicity and ease of creation that the previous module types have.

What is the difference between a Library Module and an Instant Module?
On Atiom, your training content can be organized into a Library Module course or delivered as an Instant Module:

  1. Use Library Modules to build the majority of your training course modules. These courses are like folders that contain a number of learning modules on a related topic. You can decide if each module must be completed in order or if users can complete whichever module they like first. Only a limited number of course modules can be studied per day.
  2. Instant Modules are great for sharing priority content that needs to be learned immediately. These modules will be marked as 'important' in the app and users will be encouraged to study them immediately despite whatever progress they have made on other modules or how much they have already studied that day.

What is spaced repetition and what is the forgetting curve? How can Atiom help me with memory retention?
The forgetting curve represents how information is naturally forgotten over time unless effort is put into recalling that information. We use a spatial memory algorithm to ensure information is reviewed before one would naturally forget it. This method of recalling information at increasingly longer intervals helps strengthen the memory of knowledge, working towards a long-term mastery of the information. The best way to learn with Atiom is by studying 5-10 minutes a day, every day.

Where can I get a list of features of Atiom?
If you'd like to get a detailed guide of our features, please contact our Chief Client Officer or the account manager you have been in contact with.

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I want to learn more about Atiom.

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Request a demo
Who we work with
How can I communicate with my team on Atiom?
How can I engage with my team on Atiom?
How does mobile training work on Atiom?

How can I get a demo?
You can request a demo by filling out this form and we will contact you with further details.

What types of companies do you work with?
We work with industry leaders across the globe, from medium-sized corporations to MNCs and Fortune 500, to transform their workforce. Majority of our clients are based in the Asia-Pacific region. Our current clients include leading real estate, hospitality, and facility management companies such as AccorHotels, Compass Group, and Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL). You can learn more about our work here.

How do your clients use Atiom?
Our clients use Atiom to drive their performance, engagement, and communication with their frontline teams. You can explore more about our work with clients here.

What do clients remember most about Atiom?
Most clients claim that with Atiom their employees' knowledge stickiness is higher, higher employee engagement (lower turnover), greater training and communication efficiency, higher revenue, and increased customer satisfaction.

Do you work with other companies as partners?
Yes, we partner with industry specialists and other companies providing professional services in the training industry. If you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us.

What is Atiom's pricing?
For more information about our pricing, please contact us here.

Does Atiom offer a white label solution?
Yes, we have done white label projects before. If you are interested in this, please contact us for more information.

How can I share the information and deliver an instant update to my team on Atiom?
You can use News Feed to post your company's latest news and updates. Instant Module is great for sharing urgent information directly with your team, with the option to test the knowledge gained.

How does Atiom deliver information better than email?
Atiom's mobile-first solution is designed to reach teams who are on the go and not always by their desk. A lot of communication is lost in emails, and it's difficult to know whether people read and understood the information you shared. With Atiom, you can instantly deliver important updates to every member of the team, assess the team's engagement with the material, and check for their understanding. You can also choose to deliver different content to specific teams or employees based on their location, department, and more!

How can I get feedback from my team on Atiom?
At Atiom we believe in the importance of two-way communication. There are several ways how you can get feedback from your employees:

  1. Use the News Feed and Community Forum features to gather likes, comments, and feedback. With Community Forum, you can empower employees to share their best practices right from their mobile phones.
  2. Create your own survey using our Survey feature and get your employees' feedback.
  3. We also made it possible for your employees to share their rating and review on the learning modules, so you can always improve your learning content.
  4. Atiom also has a pop-up wellness meter on the app, which will help you to gain insights into your employees' engagement and well-being.

How can Atiom deliver the right content and message to the right people in the company? For example, employees in different location or departments?
With our User and Group Management system, you can easily deliver different content to specific employees or teams based on their location, department, and everything else.

What kind of incentives can I offer my team in Atiom?
On the admin portal, you can upload custom rewards like gift cards and small prizes. You select the number of rewards per month and the Atiom algorithm will reward your teams based on high completion activity (and, of course, a bit of luck). We have points, badges, leaderboards, and virtual achievements like briefcases and rewards. Atiom also connects the team to work together through a greater purpose with the tree planting project.

What is the Tree Project on Atiom?
Our tree planting project is in collaboration with Roots and Shoots and the Million Tree Project. The more your teams learn on Atiom, the more they build up a virtual forest. As they build a virtual forest, Atiom will plant real trees on behalf of the clients. This helps us offset our own ecological footprint and also contributes back to each company's CSR program.

What is gamification?
Atiom's gamification system brings a range of fun features to make learning more engaging and enjoyable while also rewarding users for their efforts. The goal for each month is to finish with the most points at the top of the leaderboard and to do this you'll need to study daily, unlock achievements, complete daily quests, play mini-games, earn interactive items, and win real-life rewards!

In what format are the training modules on Atiom?
We believe in frequency over volume. All training is delivered in bite-size modules, and we recommend learning for just 5 to 10 minutes per day. Atiom supports text, videos, images, and documents (e.g. PDFs); content can also be created using our question templates, scch as fill in the blank, multiple choice questions, flashcards, etc.

Does Atiom support SCORM?
Yes, you can easily upload SCORM content to the Atiom platform with our drag and drop, copy and paste tools. With Atiom we want to greatly simplify the content creation process. Our admin portal provides tools to create a more streamlined content experience.

What types of multimedia does Atiom support in learning modules?
Study cards support different formats: images (jpg, png), audio (mp3), documents (pdf or open with another app), and videos (mp4s are usually the best choice). We recommend saving any documents as PDFs so that they can be viewed in-app.

How do I make sure the training is working with employees?
Managers can check the user data in real-time on the app or by using the data export feature on the admin portal.

How do I check the results and track employee progress?
Atiom's one-click analytics gives an overview of your team's knowledge gap analysis, engagement, and growth. You can track many different metrics like progress, completion, and engagement rate, from an individual, team, or company wide-level. Data can be accessed from the mobile app, or through our admin portal.

How does Atiom ensure the client data is confidential and secure?
Atiom adheres to all AWS best practices, and client data and content security have always been a top priority for us. We have been through many security tests and work within the framework of the world's leading organizations. Clients who use Atiom have full control over the type of content they would like to share. We also do not take any personal data to set up accounts, although if necessary, there are places to add personal information such as name, job title, and email, for the client's convenience and user identification.

For more detailed information about our IT, please contact our team.

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