What's new


Frontline Alerts
- Now frontline staff can create news alerts to share time sensitive or critical information directly from their phones
- Minor issue fixes


Minor issue fixes


Atiom has a new look!
It's the same great app, but with a fresh new style! We hope you love our new look as much as we do!


New and improved lightmode design!
The long-awaited "Appreciation Hall" will be activated soon! Send fun gifts to your colleagues to show them your appreciation or gratitude!


Atiom has a new look!
It's the same great app, but with a fresh new style! We hope you love our new look as much as we do!


You can now add images or videos to forum posts directly from your camera
You can now scan QR codes by browsing your devices library for them
Improved side menu icon style
Web Portal is now called Quick Links
Performance enhancements
Minor issue fixes


QR Scanner and new Notifications
- Take Atiom content into the world! Put QR codes in physical spaces which can be scanned to deliver Atiom content
- New Forum notifications, get notified when someone likes, comments or replies to your forum posts


Minor issue fixes


Improved app startup speed
Managers can now easily test content as many times as they wantModules will no longer be 'mastered' and can instead be reviewed indefinitely


Personalized Leaderboard- Choose which group to compete with for more personalized competition


Choose your reminder days!
- Now you can choose which days you'd like to receive Atiom reminders on, from the settings menu


Multiple issue fixes related to daily streak, items usage, tokens, and red envelopes


Minor issue fixes


Minor issue fixes


Minor issue fixes


Fix to red envelop not appearing issue
Fix to Android http link security issue


Multiple New Features!
- Notification history screen, so you never miss something important
- Exchange unwanted items for keys or briefcases
- Give a 1-5 star rating and feedback on modules
- Improved calendar events
- Module deadline and event reminder notifications
- Now on posts with multiple images you can swipe to move between them
- Now managers can put links on news or forums to other content like surveys or quizzes
- Managers can add a teammates birthday or employment date for a yearly surprise


Fix to Android 12 non-English character display issue


Minor issue fixes


Multiple New Features!
- Add deadlines to modules
- Create mandatory modules
- A new 'select all that apply' card type
- Now you can have multiple types of test questions
- Achievements will now show their progress
- Can set modules as requiring compliance signatures
- New data sync screen
- User activity will now be calculated by app usage and not just by study
- Various other improvements and bug fixes


Minor issue fixes


New Major Feature: Quizzes!
- Now you can earn points by completing quizzes
- Managers can also define Question and Answer pools to easily generate fresh quizzes from.
- In addition, modules can now be marked as mandatory and will need to be completed before other modules.


New Major Feature: Home Page!
- Now you can view and navigate to important updates all from one convenient location


Minor issue fixes


New Major Feature: Survey Builder!
- Now you can create surveys to learn the opinions of your teams about key topics, or perform various assessments.
- Sped up the study hall sync so new users can get going faster.
- Additionally, the point stealing magnet has been removed. The number of items that can be used per day is now limited to 3. This creates a more consistent point earning experience throughout each month, removing the need for users to earn most of their points during the final day of the month.


Minor issue fixes


New Major Feature: Light Mode!
- Now you can change your app to use Atiom's fresh light theme.
- You can also set your color theme to 'auto' and Atiom will match your device's color mode
- Access this new option from the settings menu


New Major Feature: Company News Feed!
- Now you can view important company news posts and updates inside of Atiom.
- This replaces the 'Alerts' functionality.
- This update also includes a new view-mode for the Community Forums allowing you to quickly view a list of posts you have created.
- Minor design and UX updates for a more beautiful and smooth experience.


Multiple New Features!
1. SCORM Content Support (beta) - Now you can study 3rd party SCORM content inside of Atiom.
2. Add links to study content - Now links can be added to cards or test question and viewed while studying or browsing decks.
3. What's new - Now you can see what is new for each release on the update popup and the settings menu
4. Community Updates - Now you can see how many new community forum posts have been created since your last visit


Minor issue fixes


New Major Feature: Community Forums!
- Discuss the topics most important to your business. Users can create topics, add pictures, videos, links, and like/comment on each others posts.


Minor Improvements to Web Portal, Library Search and General UX


New Major Feature: Quick Links!
- Now you can share important web or app links inside of Atiom.
- Also includes various other minor improvements and fixes.