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As a growing global company, we empower organizations to drive transformative shifts in the behavior of their frontline teams, unlocking new levels of performance and accelerating their success.

Born to disrupt an archaic industry

Atiom was founded with the mission of disrupting traditional training systems. Our journey began with a firsthand observation of an ineffective training session, where a trainer read from a PowerPoint slide to an unmotivated audience. We saw that one-time training sessions are insufficient to drive real, lasting results. Most training programs do not leverage human psychology, and technology solutions often fail to drive effective behavior change.

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Redefining the future
of frontlines

For years, the frontline workforce has been underserved, leading to poor business performance, workplace accidents, and high attrition rates, and more. We recognize the untapped potential of frontline employees and the role they can play in catalyzing business growth. By leveraging human psychology, data, and technology, we exist to transform frontline workforce behavior to realize a better future for all.

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Driven by our values

At Atiom, our values guide our commitment to our work, our team, and our partners

people first


We prioritize human needs, connections, and relationships in everything we do.

Boldly Innovative

We are always relentlessly reinventing our product and people for tomorrow.

boldly innovative
active empathy

Active Empathy

We listen with empathy to shape the frontline workforce of the future.

Community Impact

We support workforce communities where everyone is welcome.

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customer obsessed

Customer Obsessed

We go that extra mile to drive value and impact for our customers.

Your success is our mission

​​At Atiom, we prioritize our clients' success and our customer success team is dedicated to driving positive change. Our team collaborates closely with each client to identify their unique needs, goals, and challenges and suggests the best tools from Atiom's suite of offerings to deliver measurable results. We take the time to understand our clients' businesses and objectives, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to meet their specific needs. By partnering with clients who are a good fit for our products and services, we are able to deliver the best results and ensure that Atiom's future is aligned with the evolving business challenges our clients face.

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