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Atiom ‘All-Stars’ used the application every day in 2023 including holidays and weekends

Atiom is delighted to announce its Atiom 'All Stars-365 Days of Commitment Campaign’ winners for 2023, awarded to those who log on to the app each day without fail.

4 Ways Atiom Increases Productivity in Your Workforce

It's a common sight to see a lean workforce take on workload beyond their capacity due to labour shortages. It can overwhelming for employees and affect productivity. Here are 4 ways Atiom can help enforce productivity at your workplace.

Using Gamification for Real life impact

At Atiom, we’re avid believers of Behavior Technology. Our focus is to ensure service excellence in the frontline workforce. But how do we encourage habit-building and behavioral change? Read on to find out.

Behavioral Tech Platform Atiom Gets Selected to Join Hub71 in Abu Dhabi

Big news! Atiom is now in Cohort13 of the esteemed Hub71's program! Click to read more about this partnership.

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