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Rebuilding guest loyalty in post-pandemic recovery

How Accor Group accelerated loyalty recruitment with Atiom across Southeast Asia.

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About Accor Group

Global hospitality company that manages and franchises hotels in over 110 countries.


As we learned to live with Covid-19, the hotel industry is opening back up and rapidly expanding. Hotels are challenged with mass recruitment and getting frontline teams trained on critical topics like guest loyalty. Accor Group has made it a top priority to drive loyalty programs and recruitment of new members.

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Traditional training was not enough. Many employees lack access to computers and cannot attend in-person or online training

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Onboarding new employees and getting them up to speed was a challenge

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Content not localized and difficult for frontline employees to understand

Our Approach

Atiom was selected by Accor Group to be a partner in scaling their loyalty program in Asia-Pacific. With our mobile-first approach to refresh and review loyalty training modules for frontline teams, Accor Group is able to:

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Provide easy access to ALL loyalty training content in bite-sized, localized content

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Create a sustainable habit for regional teams to train and engage with gamification and rewards

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Track in-app performance to identify knowledge gaps and make better business decisions

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Build an engaging community to gather impactful ideas and share best practices

"Wonderful to be part of Accor and have the Atiom app where I can set my daily goal studying, build a habit of everyday learning, update quick news, as well as interact with other workmates just by one touch. Never get bored with it."
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Accor Group

Results speak for themselves

Within 5 months, Accor Group has seen significant improvement in their loyalty recruitment program and operations, including:
- 28% improvement in Accor’s loyalty recruitment program
- 60% in knowledge improvement of ALL Programs
- Over 60,000 training and communication hours logged, with improved communications

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