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Lost time, no more

How Compass Group Singapore reduced lost time injury by 50% through Atiom.

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year-on-year reduction in lost-time injuries


training preparation and admin time saved per week

<6 months

built a highly engaged

About Compass Group

Compass Group is the world's largest contract foodservice company.


Covid-19 posed a significant challenge to Compass Group Singapore in ensuring the safety and performance of their frontline teams. Prior to Atiom, all training and development initiatives were done manually and face-to-face. Managers had to knock on the doors of all 70 units, and getting frontline teams together for a two-hour training was
a costly, resource-heavy operation. Amidst changing safety regulations, traditional methods have proved to be ineffective.

Face-to-face initiatives were costly and ineffective in driving safety

Extremely difficult to update deskless frontline teams on critical news and changing regulations

Employees were disengaged and expected more professional development opportunities

Our approach

Compass Group Singapore has partnered with Atiom since 2020 to drive behavior change around health and safety standards. Our platform enables Compass Group to:

Digitize training and engagement initiatives across units regionally

Alert teams on critical updates with daily briefs and custom notifications

Assess knowledge and performance gaps in real-time

Build a social learning culture by sharing tips, books and recipes

"We saw a year-on-year decrease of loss time injury…it was a clear decrease since using Atiom….I wholeheartedly recommend Atiom to anyone who needs it - in fact, I've been doing just that!"

Julianna Amin

Learning and Development Manager, Compass Group Singapore

Results speak for themselves

Within six months of using Atiom, Compass Group Singapore achieved remarkable results. These included a 50% year-on-year reduction in lost-time injuries, enhanced employee communications, and tracked promotions across departments. With frequent communications and touchpoints, Compass Group Singapore built a highly engaged team, with employees proactively requesting new training programs.

Don't put your team at risk

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