December 20, 2023

Behavioral Tech Platform Atiom Gets Selected to Join Hub71 in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 8 November 2023: Atiom, a leading AI-powered behavioral change tech platform, operated by Techstars, joins Hub71 through Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem’s Company Building Program. Atiom will benefit from their incentive program and cash for equity. This marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey toward global expansion and innovation in behavioral technology.

Founded in Shanghai and launched in Singapore in 2019, Atiom has rapidly evolved to meet the increasing demands for mobile-first technology solutions that drive service excellence, employee well-being, and sustainability. Atiom’s selection for the Hub71 program reinforces the company’s commitment to establishing Abu Dhabi a central hub for supporting both regional and global clients.

Matt Spriegel, Founder and CEO of Atiom, said: “We are dedicated to the Middle East, and see the UAE as a global player on the world stage. Given Abu Dhabi’s tech-savvy market and appetite for innovative solutions, it serves as the ideal launchpad for Atiom to set new benchmarks in behavioral tech and drive change in hospitality service excellence.”

The Government of Abu Dhabi is actively working to diversify its economy, investing significantly in sectors such as renewable energy, technology, tourism, and services. Atiom’s behavioral change technology aligns seamlessly with the Emirate’s vision and national agenda to drive digital transformation and support the workforce that makes it all possible. Atiom’s presence in Abu Dhabi will unlock new markets across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, bolstering the company’s global presence.

Hub71 welcomed 23 startups as part of its latest cohort, which had collectively raised funds valued at over $53 million. Hub71 startups have access to an extensive network of corporate and government partners, as well as a range of investors. These resources support global market expansion and offer commercial and investment opportunities to establish proofs of concept and product-market-fit.

For further information, please contact:

Olivier Dombey

Managing Director

About Atiom:

Atiom is a full-suite mobile SaaS solution, providing everything from daily training and engagement surveys to audits and peer-to-peer recognition. With a focus on hospitality, including hotels, casinos, entertainment centers, airlines, and cruise lines, Atiom is committed to setting a new bar for global service excellence.

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