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Fueling success in China

How Porsche improved skills gap, productivity and sales with Atiom's white-label solution.

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About Porsche

Global luxury automobile manufacturer.


With business rapidly expanding in China, Porsche was facing significant challenges in communicating effectively with its 105 dealerships across the country. Traditionally, Porsche China only communicated with all dealership staff at the same time twice per year, which made it difficult to deliver real-time updates on sales promotions and targets, financing solutions, and product updates to sales staff. This resulted in a significant skills gap, leading to reduced productivity and subpar business performance.

Significant skills gap

Reduced productivity

Subpar business performance

Our Approach

To address these challenges, Porsche partnered with Atiom to implement a mobile-first, white-label solution for their frontline teams. Through our partnership, Porsche was able to:

Create a Porsche employee experience with a 100% customized white-label solution

Deliver localized, relevant content in Simplified Chinese directly to employee’s mobile devices

Send real-time updates on sales targets, financing solutions, and product updates to sales staff

Conduct skills gap analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses in business performance

Results speak for themselves

Atiom's mobile-first approach played a crucial role in transforming Porsche's training and communication with their frontline teams in China, leading to increased efficiency and cost reduction. With Atiom, Porsche achieved substantial savings in in-person training and communication expenses, enhanced staff productivity, and improved customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Porsche successfully bridged the skills gap, resulting in better sales performance as employees gained a deeper understanding of the company's products and services.

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