December 20, 2023

4 Ways Atiom Increases Productivity in Your Workforce

In today’s workforce, one of the more popular corporate conversation starters has commonly become “Work has been crazy”. And it's true. Studies by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found four in 10 (40%) workers are required to do more work in the same amount of time. Although this raises another issue of labor shortages, it poses a very huge burden on our current workforce. A survey by McKinsey & Company finds that 35% of workers leave their jobs due to unsustainable workloads, ranking as high as inadequate pay. With more to do, how are we sure quality work is getting done without sacrificing our workforce? 

The answer to this is looking inward to boost productivity. According to Slack, business productivity is directly related to how engaged a person is with their work and their employer. Employee engagement has been mentioned on countless reports in the past few years, and it is one of the most common reasons for high turnover rates. Read more about it here

Below are four actionable strategies that can significantly boost efficiency in the workplace and foster a culture of success. To maximize productivity, you need a clear plan for what and how things need to happen to achieve a certain goal.

1. Recognize employees' efforts

A recent study from Harvard Business Review shows that people work harder when someone is aware of their efforts and shows appreciation. It is clear that the responsibilities lie on managers and company leaders to create a motivating environment to encourage productivity. 

Things like recognizing achievements and appreciating employees and peers encourage employees to do more and better. Additionally, it promotes a healthy work-life balance and encouraging mindfulness practices can improve overall well-being, leading to higher levels of engagement and efficiency.

Atiom invigorates management to allow for appreciation through one of our crowd favorite features, “Appreciation Hall”. It goes beyond management and even encourages peers to show gratitude to one another. This adds to a positive workplace culture which makes an employee feel more valuable, adding to their productivity. 

2. Look into employee wellbeing 

Working with someone regularly makes it habitual to overlook their wellbeing. It’s important to know that employees most of the time don’t join or stay in a company because the company does well or even pays well. In today’s era, it goes beyond those fundamental needs. Employers should look into making their employees feel well taken care of or thought of in order to ensure they put in more effort into their output. This adds to the company culture, which either makes or breaks an organization’s force.

Some minor changes that can bring out huge shifts in productivity are:

  • Encouraging regular breaks: Contrary to common belief, taking regular breaks can significantly enhance productivity. Research suggests that brief periods of rest rejuvenates the mind, improves focus, and prevents burnout. Consider implementing strategies such as the Pomodoro Technique, where employees work in focused intervals, followed by short breaks. This can lead to increased concentration and sustained productivity over the course of the workday.
  • Creating a healthy feedback system: Feedback from employees is often taken possibly once a year during a NPS survey. Through Atiom, we allow employees to express their feedback, opinion, thoughts at multiple junctions (if done so by the management) to gather more genuine responses which can be valuable to employers. Having a healthy feedback loop makes employees feel appreciated and valued, which aids in the productivity of their work.

3. Create an effective communication strategy

It may seem obvious enough, but having an effective communication strategy adds to the employee’s productivity. With a platform like Atiom that provides multiple avenues for management to disseminate information to employees, it creates a medium of communication. The frontline workforce, more often than not, do not own a company email or are not in the office enough to get updated. Atiom allows for them to be in the loop and informed about the company’s updates, initiatives, direction and even tasks assigned to them through our “Newsfeed” features. There are endless ways to use this feature to benefit the team. Some ways below:

  • Announcements ranging from company-wide, team-wide or interdepartmental 
  • Congratulating on an important task completion and project success (This adds to point #1: recognizing your employees’ efforts too)
  • Company initiatives 

We have other features like “Events” that act as a personal calendar for each employee to check their schedule since they’re always on the move. 

With such features, our frontliners feel a lot more organized, informed and valued, which adds to their focus at work. 

4. Invest in employee training and development

Last but certainly not the least, providing your employees with the right tools sets them up for success. A knowledgeable workforce is a productive workforce. Investing in ongoing training equips your employees with the skills needed to excel in their roles. On Atiom, we enforce continuous learning at the workplace through our “Study” and “Instant” modules.

Say you want your staff to learn about the new safety procedures enforced at your workplace. Generate the content on our “Study Module” or “Instant Module”. Your frontliners can learn the module and even get quizzed on them (on our “Quizzes” feature) anytime they want. This can be done across all kinds of content that management needs to reiterate to employees. 

Say goodbye to 1 time onboarding sessions and 3-day long training workshops with low efficacy. With Atiom, your content is there all the time, for your employees to go back to anytime to refresh. It fills in the gaps that employees might have about certain aspects of their job. This way, productivity is boosted across teams, departments and company-wide. 

Read on how our technology works to drive performance here


Increasing productivity in the workplace is an ongoing process that requires a combination of strategic planning, supportive policies, and a positive work culture. Through the 4 ways mentioned above, organizations can create a foundation for sustained success and heightened productivity at the workplace. Implementing these strategies will not only improve efficiency but also contribute to the overall well-being and satisfaction of the workforce, which reduces turnover rate! 

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