December 20, 2023

How Behavioral Technology Drives Workplace Performance

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are constantly searching for ways to enhance employee performance and productivity. With the rise of technology, new tools have emerged to help drive behavioral changes and improve workplace performance. One such tool is behavioral technology, designed to influence behaviors and habits positively.

According to a recent study by McKinsey & Company, companies that effectively use technology to drive behavior change are more likely to outperform their peers. The study found that these companies experience a 20–30% increase in employee productivity and a 10–20% improvement in customer satisfaction. In addition, companies that leverage technology to drive behavior change also see a 30–50% increase in employee engagement.

At Atiom, we understand the importance of behavioral technology and how it can positively impact workplace performance. By leveraging data and psychology, we are committed to transforming the frontline workforce by empowering employees and creating inspiring work cultures. Our solutions are designed to improve employee experience, reduce turnover, and increase productivity by driving real behavior change.

So, how can technology help drive behavior change in the workplace? Here are a few examples:

1. Creating and Reinforcing Daily Habits

Habits are a critical component of human behavior and play a significant role in our performance at work. Behavioral technology can drive the development of positive habits to help employees perform better on a daily basis. For example, by recognizing employees for their hard work and using gamification tools like leaderboards to motivate them to hit their daily goals. Behavioral technology can also reinforce positive habits by providing real-time feedback and recognition to employees who successfully complete their daily goals.

At Atiom, our behavioral technology ensures high engagement and completion rates, with employees logging in an average of 4.2 times per week — three times more than our competitors!

2. Providing Real-Time Feedback and Support

One of the most significant benefits of behavioral technology is its ability to provide real-time feedback and support to employees. This helps them stay on track, identify areas for improvement, and get the help they need to succeed. At Atiom, companies can use data and analytics to track employee progress towards specific business goals, such as completing a training program or meeting a sales target. By providing real-time feedback and support, employees and employers alike can make informed decisions based on the data.

3. Driving Daily Engagements

Engaged and motivated employees are more likely to perform at their best, and behavioral technology can help companies create a more engaging and motivating work environment. At Atiom, our behavioral technology motivates employees to hit their daily targets, complete specific tasks, or meet specific goals. With daily quests, employees can earn points via rewards and study streaks, and the more they complete the tasks, the more points they accumulate and the higher they rank on the leaderboard. This also makes work more enjoyable, while also helping employees feel more connected to their work and motivated to perform at a high level.

4. Building a Collaborative, Positive Environment

Technology can also help organizations create a more collaborative work environment, essential for driving behavior change. By leveraging tools like forums, rewards and recognition, and peer-to-peer recognition, workplaces can help employees feel connected and engaged, even when working remotely. These tools also allow employees to share best practices, learn from each other, and build a stronger sense of community.

Atiom’s behavioral technology leverages real-life data and human psychology to change behavior and improve outcomes for the frontline workforce. By adding gamified, habit-forming tools to increase engagement, improve productivity, and enhance product knowledge via bite-sized, engaging content that can be absorbed anytime and anywhere, we help companies drive sustained behavior change to bring service excellence in their workplace. Our solutions also foster collaboration and community-building through tools like forums, rewards and recognition, and peer-to-peer recognition.

In conclusion

Behavioral technology can be essential for driving sustained behavior change, increasing productivity, and improving employee engagement. With the right tools, businesses can create a more engaging and motivating work environment, keeping their workforce informed, connected, and empowered to deliver measurable results.

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