March 25, 2024

Atiom ‘All-Stars’ used the application every day in 2023 including holidays and weekends

Atiom is delighted to announce its Atiom 'All Stars-365 Days of Commitment Campaign’ winners for 2023, awarded to those who log on to the app each day without fail. During 2023, from hundreds that qualified and didn’t miss a single day, the winners include Mr. Nguyen Duc Thao, Security Manager at Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha in Vietnam; Mr Solomon Rajan Paul, TEC Operations Manager, and Mr. Arshad Nawaz, TEC Engagement Manager both based in Chennai, India; and Ms. To Kit Ming, Customer Service Assistant at Nan Fung Group in Greater China.

According to a recent Statista study, applications that are in the same category as Atiom typically have a retention rate of 2% after 30 days. This means that 98% of all users stop using a platform after just the first month. In this day and age where people always demand something new and fresh, it’s remarkable that people use Atiom every single day of the year.

During 2023, they logged on to Atiom daily, regardless of whether it was their holiday, sick day, weekend, or when they were in the office or working remotely. 

Nguyen Duc Thao said he was first motivated to use Atiom, regardless of the day, once he saw he could study in Vietnamese. Being able to learn in his native language helped him understand the content of modules quicker and accelerated his learning curve. 

On average, he said he spent between 5 and 30 minutes per day on Atiom when it was first launched, enough for it to become ingrained in his daily routine regardless of whether it was a busy workday or his day off.  

When Duc Thao found out he was ranked in Atiom’s list of the top ten monthly users, he was hooked. Now he had the added motivation to challenge himself to maintain his monthly ranking, so Duc Thao continued to complete all quests and earn daily tokens so that he wouldn't fall behind. 

Every month, the Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha identifies its top three Atiom users, further encouraging staff to log on and learn on Atiom.

“Atiom has brought the staff at Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha closer together and strengthened our bond as a team,” Duc Thao, said. “ We  now meet regularly and interact face-to-face to share knowledge, answer quizzes, or play games together on Atiom.”

Two TEC colleagues, Mr. Solomon Rajan Paul, and Mr. Arshad Nawaz were also motivated to use the Atiom application every day for what they called “continuous growth and collaboration.”

Arshad, Engagement Manager at TEC, rated Atiom as one of the best learning apps he has used because its combination of comprehensive knowledge and skill development has helped enhance his overall understanding of TEC.

Coming from the operations team, he has gained valuable insights into other departments, including Business Development, Facility Management, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Marketing. Moreover, Atiom offers him a global network of colleagues he can connect with which makes the learning experience richer and more dynamic for all involved.

"Atiom is an excellent platform for connecting with colleagues globally. It's not just a learning app; it's a gateway to continuous growth and collaboration," Arshad Nawaz, said. "By engaging with Atiom, I not only broadened my understanding of TEC but also gave me deep cross-departmental insights into how we can elevate our collective performance."

His colleague Solomon also found logging on to Atiom daily paid dividends, as it helped him stay on top of his day-to-day responsibilities. He mentioned both the user-friendly interface and the ability to access the app from anywhere, anytime, as valuable tools for his daily workflow. 

"I log into Atiom daily because it offers me a seamless platform for learning standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to my daily work activities. Regular updates and new features keep me engaged and motivate me to continue using Atiom. Overall, it has become an essential part of my daily work-life routine.”

He encourages all users to embrace Atiom and unlock its potential to streamline work processes and boost productivity. By using Atiom, he can collaborate more effectively, stay more organized, and achieve his work-life goals with greater efficiency.

“Atiom has significantly contributed to my development by fostering mindfulness and self-reflection, leading to improved decision-making and a healthier work-life balance. Atiom has played a key role in enhancing my productivity, personal growth, and overall well-being,” Solomon, concluded.

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