December 20, 2023

Digitizing Employee Recognition Through Atiom

Digitizing Employee Recognition Through Atiom

With hybrid and remote work settings becoming more common, it is now more important than ever to digitize employee engagement initiatives. According to a recent survey, 70% of companies are adopting or planning to adopt a digital transformation strategy.

We’ve all heard that employee recognition is key to an organization’s growth — but what does it actually do?

Employee recognition is a critical aspect of an organization’s growth and retention. It helps employees feel valued, motivated to perform better, and reduces turnover rates. A Gallup and Workhuman report showed that 74% of employees who receive recognition only a few times a year plan to quit within the year. On the other hand, more frequent recognition can decrease turnover rates by 31%, highlighting the significance of regularly acknowledging employees’ efforts.

When adequately recognized for their work, employees work smarter, harder, and happier. With 70% of companies already adopting a digital transformation strategy or on their way to adopting one, digitizing employee recognition is more important than ever. Here are some ways Atiom can digitize recognition to make employees engaged and empowered at work every day.

1. Leaderboards

Atiom rewards employees for their daily learning, engagement, and communication habits. Leaderboards provide a quick overview of the team’s efforts by showing who’s the most engaged and successful. It offers a consistent way to measure employees’ success across all app functionalities. The higher the points an employee accumulates, the higher they will rank on the leaderboard. The app highlights champions and top-performing teams every month, giving employees a sense of accomplishment. Leaderboards also help employees feel recognized for their efforts and add meaning to tasks that may otherwise be tedious to complete, such as compliance training.

2. Newsfeed
Have you ever sent a company-wide email to congratulate your teammate on their promotion, and wondered….Has anyone has read it?

With Atiom’s Newsfeed, you can keep teams up-to-date with the latest information and recognize them for their work, such as job promotions or reaching the Top 10 on the leaderboard. You can share posts with text, video, images, files, or links-style content relevant to your team or individuals, deliver news in real-time, or schedule content to be published on a specific date. Employees can interact with the post’s media, like, comment, and get feedback from it.

3. Community Forums
A channel for community support and social learning, Community Forums enable employees to discuss topics that are important to their jobs and the company. Employees can empower each other to share best practices by sharing text, image, video, or links right from their mobile phones and give likes and comments. This is also a public channel for managers to recognize employees who are the most helpful to their colleagues.

4. Virtual Rewards and Achievements
Atiom’s gamified, habit-building tools can help employees and workplaces drive performance through bite-sized, engaging touchpoints. As employees complete daily tasks and reach their goals, they will earn virtual items and rewards. You can also add your company rewards, such as gift cards, to motivate employees to work hard in exchange for virtual items.

5. Appreciation Hall

Atiom’s Appreciation Hall is a peer-to-peer recognition feature that encourages employees to send gifts to appreciate colleagues for their work, creating a positive and supportive work environment. Peer-to-peer recognition provides employees with the opportunity to acknowledge their colleagues’ contributions and show their appreciation, leading to a positive work environment and increased job satisfaction.

Bottom line
Atiom’s behavioral tech provides a comprehensive platform for employees to gain recognition and feel empowered at work every day. Leaderboards, Newsfeed, Community Forums, rewards and recognition features all work together to foster engagement and motivation. With Atiom, companies can effectively digitize their employee recognition efforts and reap the benefits of a more engaged and productive workforce. By prioritizing employee recognition and leveraging digital tools, companies can retain their top talent, boost employee satisfaction and ultimately increase overall success and service excellence.

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